Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Almost There

Oh man, oh man, oh man.

I am leaving in two days. Two days.

My good friends Heather and Stephanie helped me pack yesterday. Heather came over first and we cleared out the kitchen and Stephanie came over between her work shifts. I am pretty much done. Now all I have to do is throw away the old food in the refrigerator and clean the place, although it is more dusty than anything.

Nathaniel is sleeping beside me and he is not snoring, which is lovely. He is sleeping peacefully, and he will sleep peacefully all morning long until noon, so I decided to keep myself busy. His room is such a boys room and it's strange, because I have no desire to clean it up. Being with him has let me turn down my control factor. I've come to understand that most people who are living in their own place, that they finance themselves, can handle their own messes. What a funny realization.

He has work at three, so I will head back to my house and do all the last minute cleanup. I'm meeting my mom for dinner at the restaurant I used to work at, and then I'll head to her house to gather any things I left behind. I have a busy day and it will all start after noon! Perfect! Because my life starting January 5 is going to be a life filled with long nights and early mornings. I'll savor what I have now thank you very much.

Until next time.

Oh, the photo above is of his cat Sachi's whiskers.


  1. It was bittersweet helping you pack. I'm going to miss you!


  2. Wish I could have helped out too, but I'm glad those two good friends were with you.

    And that thing about the mess is a pretty awesome thing to realize. It's very wise of you.

    I sure hope you're feeling comfortable and safe in your new home.

  3. Ms. Moon- Gracias!

    Heather- You packed things so nice and neat. I felt like I was opening Christmas presents all over again.

    Jessie- I love you and miss you so much. Please please please come visit me when nursing school isn't vying for your attention. You could do your homework here? I love love love you.