Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Onion Breath

Onion breath

Permeating the pockets of my mouth

Wafting down my throat

The scent seeping through my teeth

Inhaling sweet air

Exhaling sweet onion breath

I brush my teeth

But it doesn’t help

Onion toothbrush bristles

Scrubbing at yellowed teeth

Scratching the enamel with onion scent

Scraping the tongue with onion hairs

Onion breath

Monday, February 15, 2010


That word never meant anything to me until I broke the heart of the boy I loved.
Twice I broke his heart, and fickle was my excuse.

I was not fickle when the freshman
A year younger than I
met me at the gazebo near the lake
Where the wind had not yet picked up.

I sat coolly on the railing, my right leg dangling in the tall grass
He approached me cautiously and I took his lips
knowing he would surrender them to me.

Knowing I had caught his heart
and I have yet to know what that means.

To hold a heart so tenderly in your hands
the slightest word can pierce the muscle
What a cruel girl I was to ignore him
when he approached me days later.

There was another boy that felt me up
in the dewy field.
It felt nice for a moment
Then I was done
Done with him
On to a new adventure.
Because holding a heart in your hands is too heavy
and it was better to let it go.

"You don't owe me anything," he said nonchalantly
over the phone
His voice reduced to a monotonous whisper.

To feel your heart beat fast,
your breath quicken and salt-water
well up in your eyes means something right?

Frantically I searched the Web
Depression does reduce your sexuality
Does suppress your libido
Either that or makes you want it more

Which one am I?
Who has the answers?
I want to keep searching for the answers

Life is not short
Life is long
because it goes on forever

And ever and ever and ever