Sunday, January 3, 2010

Here I Am

There is no internet at my new place. Well, there is internet but I copied down the wrong pass phrase and one of my three male roommates left two nights ago to take his girlfriend back to Cincinnati.

I'm all alone in a very large house with no internet. It is surprising how much I am accomplishing. I am actually going through my piles of crap and sorting everything out. I am throwing things away. I am saying to myself, "Do I really need this?". It's pretty cool.

Being alone can do things to a person. They make a person get out there and explore. I rode my bike to UF through Gainesville's 'Frenchtown' and found all of the buildings where my classes would be located. I rode in the freezing cold and realized that I needed to buy some nice gloves. Because unfortunately a journalist needs their fingers. I rode through town without listening to music and experienced the Sunday quietness. It was lovely. The students all come back into town tomorrow and the streets will be more crowded and the nights will fill with drunken yells and high pitched screams.

I am sitting in a very nice book cafe, which is how I am able to blog. The staff isn't so friendly. They have this 'I am too cool' demeanor about them, which is typical among the vegan/veggie bike crowd. Would it hurt someone to smile, or ask if I need anything? I guess it would. At least the coffee is good.

Being surrounded by books gives me a sense of peacefulness. It makes me want a library in my house, whenever I buy a house that is. All these books are pretty old. Nathaniel is taking an Intro to C++ class next semester and out of curiosity I pulled a C++ book off the shelf. Attached to the back page was a floppy disk! I kind of want to get it for him anyway. It's only $3.99.

The coffee is getting cold but my fingers have finally warmed up. I'm going to drive to Target sometime after 9 and use my gift card to buy some nice white gloves.


  1. I'm so glad that you are doing this. You are on your adventure, and I'm very proud of you, but gosh I already miss you.

    Well, I really hope you found the gloves to keep you warm. It is indeed important to keep those fingers of yours in working order, either for journalism or for playing music (or I guess for many things, like eating and using the bathroom).

    I love you, and don't you forget it. Heh

  2. It's so nice to be able to hear your voice, even as you are so far down the road. Your sweet, unique voice.
    Keep telling us what it's like there. Send us some lines, tell us what it's like.
    We miss you.

  3. honeyluna- I did find the gloves! :)

    Ms. Moon- I will! Thank you for commenting, both of you. It really makes writing a lot of fun.