Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pants Are For Losers

If I think about it too much, words are hard to find. How is the university student supposed to stay alert and imaginative when they don't even have time to read a book? Sure, I have time, but my mind is already so mushy from hours of work, that internet TV is the only thing I can handle...and sleeping. Not to mention I'm not eating that much, and because of that I've gained enough weight to not be able to fit into my size 2 pants? That's a lot of freakin' pants I can no longer wear! Oh, and the financial troubles. I have a feeling those kinds of troubles are here to stay.

My German workbook is still glaring at me, even though I completed the work over the course of this week. I'm out of studying ideas! It's not like you can read a bunch of German sentences over and over again and get the "gist" of it. I did, however, go to a German language meetup down at Cafe Gardens, a quaint little restaurant/bar situated in an ivy-covered courtyard with stones inlaid in the dirt. My German teacher Sarah told the class about it earlier today, and Nathaniel convinced me over the phone it'd be a good idea to go. I'm glad I went. I realized I need to get out more and show my face in this town that will be my home for the next two years.

Ich bin eine Studentin. Ich studiere Journalismus. Ich wohne in Gainesville aber ich komme aus Tallahassee.

I wonder if I'll stick with German that long, I hope so. I really need to know a second language. Every other person in the world (albeit for America) does.

Well, I'm going to sign off and immerse myself in this depression over my pants. My ten pairs of practically new pants.


  1. I dropped German in college after about three classes. My teacher looked like Nazi Barbie and I just couldn't deal.
    Just saying...

  2. German is a tough language! But I agree that learning another language is so beneficial.

  3. The German's kind of scare me too. Just saying...

    I'm glad that you're getting your face out in G-ville. I wish for you the chance to explore the town, and have a little daily (or weekly) adventures, even if they are small. I bet one day you will look back in this time of your life with such fondness, especially if you let yourself explore and be independant in your own way.

    Keep having fun, and try not to worry about those pants of yours. But I know how much of a drag clothes can be some times. Why the heck is that? I say, let's all be nakie, all the time!

  4. How is it that not eating enough made you gain weight? You looked teeny tiny last time I saw you, just sayin'.

  5. Ms. Moon- Thankfully my teacher doesn't look like Nazi Barbie. She's a very shy T.A. from Northern Germany. Although, she is quite tough academic-wise.

    Angel- Ja. Das ist richtig. :)

    Jessie- I agree with this naked notion of yours. I think a town hall meeting is in order.

    May- I don't know. I might be gaining muscle in my hips. Is that possible? Other people say I am becoming a woman, which is actually quite a nice thing. Thank you though. It just sucks (and is costly) that I have to go buy more pants.