Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ow, my ears.

If you have never biked fifteen minutes (heck, even five minutes) in the freezing ass cold with three layers, a thin pair of gloves, and no facial protection, I wish I was you. When everyone here in Gainesville was complaining about the cold weather a few days ago, they must have been sensing the freezing temperatures that blew our way today. My teeth were chattering, my fingers were going numb, my nose was running, and my ears were hurting. Biking in the already cold was just a nightmare.

I did make it to class though, with plenty of time to spare. I woke up two hours early, and biked to UF forty-five minutes early. I like to be early. I guess I just like to be sure. Sure that I'm in the right class, and sure that I'm in the right building. I had Photographic Journalism and German today. Two very challenging classes, but they will be a lot of fun! When I find myself getting excited about putting a news story together, editing myself, and interviewing people, I know I have chosen the right major.

All four roomies are home now and it's just great! Lu taught me some Chinese and Daniel and I laughed over our horrid pronunciation. Won Don (or something to that nature) and I like to talk about my studies. He actually has a wife and some kids in Birmingham and he came down here to do research for Shands on human diseases.

I studied my German out loud to myself and drank a cup of coffee out of a 4-in-1 coffee cup that Nathaniel gave me for Christmas.

It was a good day overall. Not too much to write about, just general things, and sometimes I like general things.

My ears still hurt.


  1. This cold is brutal! I am glad you're okay and that you made it to class and that your roommates are there and you are enjoying their company. Keep writing!

  2. It's freezing here too! Glad to hear you made it to class, and that you're liking your roommates. Good luck with the rest of your classes this week. Oh, and I second what Ms. Moon said... keep writing! :)

  3. Ms. Moon- Biking in the afternoon is more bearable. But it is still crazy cold.

    Heather- Thanks, you too!