Monday, December 21, 2009

The Beginning

Isn’t it crazy how a person’s genuine feelings can hurt another person’s feelings? Sometimes I think people are annoying, or mean, or ignorant, and it is how I feel. This would hurt these people however and they might resent me.

I’m sitting on my green tea couch (it seriously resembles the color of green tea) and I am drinking my boyfriend’s beer. He left it in my fridge so it is fair game. I just watched a movie called ‘Cash Back’ and it made me think about a lot of things. Like feelings. We have so many as human beings and sometimes I catch myself looking at a dog and seriously pondering if they ever feel hurt, or happy, frustrated even.

I was looking at a dog today, a very old dog named Pearl. It is my best friend Jessie’s boxer and we were out at her parent’s house in Lloyd, a little historic town. Pearl has wandered behind a chair in the hallway. This particular chair had a blanket draped over it and the long part of the blanket was hanging down the back. In my mind Pearl was enjoying the feeling of the blanket on her back. Enjoying. Can a dog enjoy? She stood there for several moments and I couldn’t see her eyes but I imagined them being squinty-like. It would be easy for someone to tell me to go talk to a veterinarian and propose my questions to them but that is just too easy and I don’t like instant gratification.

I am starting up this blog right at this particular moment because Jessie’s mother Mary inspired me. She writes in her blog every day, sometimes twice a day. She told me that it is a challenge to try and think of something to write about. But even if you start to write about the weather things come to your mind that you would never have thought would.

Besides, I just got accepted into journalism school, so it would be a good idea for me to challenge myself. I must make a pledge though.

I will never make myself feel guilty for not writing in my blog one day. Because I am tired of making myself feel guilty. If I wake up at noon so what? If I eat almost an entire bag of cookies so what? So what so what so what? I will only feel guilt if I hurt a living thing.

And maybe if I don’t study for something.


  1. Oh Melissa- That was beautiful. And so are you! Yes! Work on that guilt thing so that when you are my age, it is not one of your motivating freaking factors. Okay?
    Love you dearly....Mary
    P.S. Write when you feel like it.

  2. P.S. I love your header picture.

  3. Yes, the header picture was a great find. I just hope I don't get sued for using it.

    Sometimes I make myself feel guilty for feeling guilty. How terrible is that? Haha.

  4. No one could find better inspiration anywhere than at Mary's feet, whether this is literally or figuratively. You are off to a splendid start, and I will be visiting again soon. Have fun over the Holiday and you are right about New Year's. Maybe your father would go to sleep early?

  5. Allegra- Thank you so much!

    Yeah, maybe he will. Or maybe I will find it in my wild crazy twenty-year-old heart to just spend a New Years with my dad. I will have many New Years ahead of me. Hehe,